Al-Mukhtar Public Higher Secondary School Essa


All the academic, administrative and financial activities of the School are managed and regulated by Managing director of the School (Muhammad Asim Waseem). All section of administration has a team. The Academic Council, the academic body of the School, advises the managing authority on all academic matters. It lays down standards of instruction, Teaching methods, AV-aids, examinations, Results etc., to promote the academic life of the School and its Branches. A particular discipline or a group of disciplines may together comprise a Faculty. Each Faculty has its in charge, which is chaired by the respective head of the Faculty. The Board of Studies for each discipline is the primary body responsible for regulating all academic matters and making recommendations regarding these areas. The modern Studies and in charge Board looks after the promotion of advanced studies and research in the School. In addition, there is only one managing body which deal with the academic, financial, administrative, welfare, discipline and other matters of the School’s functioning.

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