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Rana Mukhtar Ahmad


Since last Five decades, Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad has nurtured visionary leaders and change makers who are equipped to anticipate and tackle the challenges of society. Our School is a place where extraordinary things happen: the brightest and most talented minds come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, question the ordinary and explore innovative solutions to real-life problems.


Muhammad Asim Waseem

My Mission

The most important and highest goal of my life is to eradicate ignorance and delusion from the young generation of my country. The new generation needs to be enlightened with the true light of knowledge so that the younger generation of my country can play an important role in the service and development of the country and the nation. Moreover, my dream is to make my new generation an ideal nation in the field of knowledge and action, which was founded by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. I am optimistic that Allah Almighty will make me successful in my mission. Ameen!


I am Shahid Mukhtar Currently Teaching at Al Mukhtar Public School. We offer countless avenues for students’ success by challenging, stretching, and strengthening the thought-process. By becoming part of AL Mukhtar Public School, you will undergo the cognitive learning process that will help you achieve great success in life.


To generate and impart knowledge through innovative learning and training in order to establish and boost knowledge based economy in the 21st century.s

Team Al-Mukhtar Public School

Our Team is our proud. A number of qualified and trained staff is the part of our team.

“We are committed to enhance the potentials of students, faculty, staff and all segments of the society by bringing a positive change in their personal and career lives, motivating them for self-enlightenment through Quality Education, Personality Development, True Professionalism and Career Planning; thus, adding value to our nation, and ultimately to humanity”. May Allah Almighty help us!

We aim to develop passionate individuals who are willing to add value to the lives of society as a whole.

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